milasbello asked: whats your one favorite thing about each of the girls?


my favorite thing about ally is her dorkiness, shes literally the biggest geek its so cute and shes really funny because shes not funny but thats why its funny idk if that makes sense

my favorite thing about normani is that shes a very chill person, like shes just one of those people that youre with and everythings just relaxed and cool idk how to explain it but shes a very cool person to be around because shes just chill 

my favorite thing about lauren is that she’s very confident and shes not afraid to speak her mind and shes really smart i really admire that about her 

my favorite thing about dinah is that shes a very real person, she has a really good heart and is the funniest person without even trying and is probably the nicest person ever


What people think recovery looks like vs. what it really looks like


"do i have something in my teeth?"
“okay good”

Jade Thirlwall Appreciation Week

Day 2: Favourite Trait: Smile

           ”My smile lights up the world, I’m flying higher”

Have I told you how pretty you are


I’ll love you forever if you go follow my personal bc I’m one away from my first goal!!! I post a lot of funny stuff and things about my music so yeah follow please??

Have I told you how pretty you are

I’ll love you forever if you go follow my personal bc I’m one away from my first goal!!! I post a lot of funny stuff and things about my music so yeah follow please??

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Hey friends! 2 years ago (September 15 2012) I made this blog! I can’t believe how many amazing people I’ve met because of this blog and how many amazing people I follow or follow me!

Anyway! I was going to do a follow forever but I decided to do a lil shout out thing for just some of my closer friends on here! But I will be doing ships all this week! (More about this later)

So here it goes
punk-roque: okay Liv you are one of my favourite people ever. I’m so happy you put up with a loser face like me and I’m so freaking glad we’re friends. Also you’re Hella talented and I’m sure one day I’ll be buying tickets to see your band live and wearing your bands merch. ILYSM

arabellamichael: Leslie you’re such a babe I love you more than anything and I’m so glad we’re friends bc my life would be so dull without the ray of sunshine that is Leslie *insert last name here*! I feel like I can go to you with anything and everything and I hope you feel the same way. ILYSM stay beautiful

beatzgirlz: cat omfg you were the first friend I made on here and I’m so happy we’re still friends bc you’re so amazing and such a good friend; and idk what I would do without you. Also I’m so freaking proud of you bc you graduate this year and just ugh I love you so much babe

lipbiteluke: MADI! I’m not sure how we became friends but I’m so glad we did bc you’re so amazing and I really wish we talked more but I still consider you a good friend but ugh you’re so amazing and thank you for being my friend.

winkone82: JESS!! You’re so freaking amazing and you’ve done so much for me and I don’t know what id do without you. And I really wish we didn’t live millions of miles away, but anyway iLYSM babe

calumsduck: ok I know we just became friends at the start of July and I’m so happy we did and even if we haven’t talked in a while you’re such a good friend and iLYSM you’re amazing :)

But I love each and every one of you, I just typed this up yesterday and I didn’t have time to make a follow forever so I did this!
I will be doing ships all this week, and a post about that will be up in a bit!

Thank you all for a great 2 years

Awww I love you too Lilo I’m so glad we’re friends too :) you’re so strong and amazing this is so cute


Camila dm’d this selfie to a fan



I love Leigh-Anne. Do you love Leigh-Anne? Leigh-Anne is perfect. Her hair, her voice, her body, her boobs, her butt. Leigh-Anne is flawless. MMmmM I love Leigh-Anne.


Little Mix outfits on Sunday Night at the Palladium.


Most legendary reply of all time, ever

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